Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 44...truly exiled to the island

June 24, 2014
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok...got that out of the way...and so...before I tell you why in put that here's a little story:)
This week one of the miracles we saw was through a branch activity. We have been planning to do a Comidas del Mundo activity for a while since everyone in the branch is from a different country, and so we finally pulled it off and got it all organized, and spent some time decorating the church...we got everything ready, cleaned and perfect, and were done about 15 minutes before 6, when it was supposed to start. Well, at about 6:15 we decided to try calling some of the members to see if they were coming....but nobody answered......So we sat and waited. Finally, at about 7, Hermano Miguel showed up with two of the primary kids.  Well, when he saw nobody was there, he immediately started calling people, and by 8 there were about 25 people there (more than we have in church sometimes) and the tables were filled with food, and it was amazing!!!   We got to mingle, and I met a few new people, and it was amazing, all because one family helped us out and got people moving.  The members really have a power they don't understand, and that is why we have to work closely with them.
As it turned out, the activity was really great, and as a result, Sunday we had 35 people in church, more than we have had in the past 6 weeks, maybe more. The members are really great.
So.....what happened after that activity? Well, we cleaned up, went home, and anxiously awaited the transfer calls....well, yup...things changed....I'm still on the island, but I HAVE A NEW COMPANION!!   Elder Jonson, from Lehi, plays soccer like a beast, in his fifth month in the mission, is amazing.  Another crazy thing? Well..our piso is HUGE! But...not as big as our area, which, wouldn't you know it, is now a whole island.  Yup. Two missionaries, one island. MIRACLES HERE WE COME! I'm super excited, and today we start the work!!
Well, I love you all, but I have to go.  Have a great week!! And read 2 nephi10:20-21. it's pretty great:) love you!!!

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