Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 34 on the island

June 16, 2014

This week was pretty wasn't all that exciting, although I did get a cake Wednesday, so that was good.   Also this week we saw a miracle happen in that we had one of the best activities ever!  One of the recent converts, Manuel, has recently been called to be in charge of the activities, and so he put together a karaoke night, and we had a bunch of people there, including some menos activos who haven't stepped foot in the church building for a very long time.  It was amazing, and the Clarks made treats, and it just turned out really well. Recent converts are amazing.
Also, the weather here is crazy!! For example, this morning, it was clear, and during the time of about 2 minutes, we got hit by a wall of rain.  Literally, it was clear, two drops, and then a tidal wave.  Then, less than ten minutes later, clear again, and now it is sunny and cool.  For the past week though it has been super humid, and since we are in long pants all day, it's been super hot.  Crazy.
Keep strong!!
Love ya,
Elder Dixon.

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