Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Backlog 11/11, 11/18

November 11, 2013
This week was absolutely amazing!!  I got to go to Lleida again for a specialized training, and it was so cool.   President Pace is an amazing man.  I got to go on an intercambio (exchange) with Elder Wiess this week too (he is one of our zone leaders) and he is absolutely amazing.  But, the best part is that this Friday we had four baptisms!!!  It was a really good week, and I felt the Spirit so much. I loved being able to help others come closer to Christ.  Here is the story of the family we baptized.  This is actually just a copy of what I sent to President Pace in my letter this week.
"Elders Buttcane and Wiscombe got a reference from some other missionaries a week before I came into the mission, and they started to teach the mom, in a park by their house.  They only taught her two times before I came in to the area, but one time she brought her two little girls, one who is 12, and the other who is 9. We had the opportunity to teach them in the park again, and then that Sunday the three of them came to church. Then we met with the mom again in the park, and we invited her to be baptized, but she said no very firmly.  The miracle came though, when the next time we met her whole family was with her, even her husband, who can't walk very well because he has a very deformed foot and it hurts him very bad. When we met them in the park, the first thing the girls said to us was that they wanted to be baptized, because they had learned about it in primary.  So we asked both the parents if that was all right, and they didn't really care about it, so we got out the calendar and started to plan.  About halfway through filling them out, one of the daughters off handedly asked her dad if he wanted a calendar too, and if he would be baptized with them, and he said yes! It was kinda a half hearted "sure", but we still got out the calendar for him and we explained it all to them, and they agreed to come to church the next Sunday as well as pray and read. We had a few more lessons with them, and one time we asked if we could meet in their house, but they said no because they have 6 cats, 2 dogs, and 5 birds and they didn't want us to be allergic and get mad at them and all this stuff. I guess they have had people complain before and they just didn't want to deal with it. Anyway, that Sunday we met them in the park and walked with them to church, which usually takes elder Wiscombe and I about 20 minutes. So, the fact that the dad wanted to walk all the way there was really another miracle because it hurts him to walk.   They all came and loved it.   
We continued having lessons with them, always in the park, but one time it was dark and kinda cold when we got there, and only the dad was there.  He said that the girls and his wife wouldn't leave the house, so if we wanted to he would take us there and we could share the message in the house.  So, we followed him and went into a really hairy environment. There were so many animals, and our suits were covered in hair as soon as we sat down, partly because as soon as we did we each had a dog on our lap and cats everywhere. But, we shared our message and right as we were about to leave, the mom said that she was impressed that the animals liked us and we were calm about it, and she simply asked us if she could be baptized with her family, but without a calendar. When she said that, it made all the hair worth it.
We kept teaching them, and there were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end we were able to baptize all four of them Friday. I had the opportunity to baptize the youngest daughter,Elder Wiscombe baptized the 12 year old, and Elder Russel baptized the mom (he had to do it twice because her dress floated, and she wasn't very happy with that, but she still did it, and afterwards she was laughing about it) for the dad, Elder Russel did the ordinance, but Elder Wiscombe helped get him into the water because of his foot and other problems he has. It was a really great experience.
      After we all were changed, they all four had huge smiles. I have never seen this family so happy, and the smiles were even bigger in church after they were confirmed. This gospel really does bless families, and this week I got to see it firsthand.
I know this church is true, and I know that everything we as missionaries do is for the Lord, and to help the people here become more happy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."
This week was truly amazing. keep strong, and help the missionaries out whenever you see them.   They really do need the help of the members.
 I Love you all,
Elder Dixon
November 18, 2013
Wow, this week was crazy!!!  It was so good though. On Tuesday two Joven ( what they call the youth here) went on their missions....I guess they really aren't joven anymore...neither am I.  It's weird to be going to elders quorum, it's just a bunch of old guys.  I like the Priests better.  The youth in our ward are hilarious though. They are so much fun to be around.  Anyway, it was another reminder for me that I'm actually in Spain.  It still is such a weird thought.  
Anyway, this Saturday we will be having a baptism.   Magally finally has stopped smoking. (That's why she wasn't baptized last week) she started when she was 12, and so that she has gone almost 9 days without a cigarette is absolutely amazing. Also, we have a baptism planned for the 30th, and for the 14th of December!!!  We have been really blessed with people who want to know about the gospel.  The 14th is actually another family, the mom and two sons.  There is a daughter who wants to learn more, but we haven't met her yet so she doesn't have a fetcha.   
Another crazy thing about this week was the rain!! It's been a solid 3 days!!!  And then the wind is crazy, and when we cross the bridge the rain is almost sideways, and we have to run across some parts cause there are huge puddles and if a car comes we would be drenched....well, we already were for most of the time anyway, but....ya.....it's crazy how wet everything is... all the gutters are overflowing, but I absolutely love it, for some strange reason it's really cool.  Also, I have an amazing companion. I really admire him, and one thing that I like the most is how positive he always is.   Like I said, the rain was pouring, and we had to walk across the bridge four times on Saturday, and we weren't able to take the bus, and it was freezing cold, but through it all he was laughing and smiling.  At one point he even took off his hood and turned to me and said, essentially, that we should be happy about our trials because the Lord has blessed us so much with people to teach and the 5 fetchas we have right now.  It was really a spiritual moment and made me realize how blessed I am to be on a mission, and that I get to see miracles literally every day.
I know that this mission is the best thing for me in my life right now, and I know that this gospel is true.
I love you all
Elder Dixon

Thursday, November 7, 2013

"..this week has been a roller coaster!!"

Well, this week has been a roller coaster!! Crazy stuff has been happening, for example, the lady I first committed to baptism has now told us to wait on the date, but then not to, and so I'm not sure what is going on really. I have a lesson with her tonight, but idk. However, this Friday we do have a family that is going to be baptized at 5 pm!! I'm so excited!!!  They are so great!  Also, we were able to get another commitment to baptism, this one for the 30th of November!! It's insane!!!  Also this week two people from the ward are leaving on their missions.
I'm sorry, I really don't have very much time to write more, but I want to ask you to offer to go on visits with the missionaries. They really need your help!! Member visits are the most important kind, and really help out a ton.
I want to let you know I have a testimony of this gospel, and I really enjoy the people and culture of Spain.
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

Friday, November 1, 2013

"...this week was sooooooooo crazy!!"

Dear Friends and Family,
Wow, this week was sooooooooo crazy!! So many miracles have happened it's insane!! The best thing though is that on November 9th, 2013, if everything goes well, Elder Wiscombe and I will be baptizing Magally, and also, a father and his two daughters!! The two girls are still in primary.  Their mom, also may be getting baptized but she is really hesitant.  We were meeting the family in the park to teach them,  and the very first thing the two girls said was they wanted to get baptized!!  It was really shocking, but we were so blessed!!  And as we were talking with them, eventually the dad joined in and by the end he wanted to be baptized as well.  They have now been to church three times, and it's so cool!!  The work is absolutely amazing and I love their family.  
Also this week we got to go to Lleida (pronounced yeda) for interviews with the president.  Lleida is the stake we are in and is the head of the zone.  I found out our zone is huge!!  It goes from the bottom of the mission clear up to the top (Andorra included) it's crazy!!  It was cool though. 
This week we get to go again for zone infoce (I'm not entirely sure what that is yet, but I will find out soon I guess.
The days go so fast here, and every night I go to sleep so tired, but the work is awesome, and my companion is absolutely amazing too.  This mission is absolutely amazing. I love you all, and I hope you all are doing well. 
The Lord truly blesses us. 
Elder Dixon