Monday, June 30, 2014

50 days on the Island!

June 30, 2014

Dear friends and family,
So, this week was amazing...just saying.. we saw so many's a neat little story that happened to us.
On Saturday night during daily planning, we had 10 member presents and 2 new investigators for the week, and as we were planning we decided that we were close enough we could get the pautas (the standards of excellence for our mission are that we have 12 lessons with a member present, 6 investigators come to church, 3 investigators have baptismal dates, we find 6 new people to teach, and that we have 1 baptism, every week), anyway, we set our daily goals for 3 member present lessons, and 4 new investigators....all in one day. And guess what?  We had 7 investigators in church, and during church we found 2 new investigators and taught a member present lesson. But then, the work just died. We had a bunch of pass by plans made up, and for 4 hours we were running around Maó trying to get another member present and find 2 new investigators.  Well, at about 8 we went to a park, and there we found some of the members with their kids, and one of their cousins who has been to an activity before that we taught. So we were talking to them and to the cousin, and we sent a appointment with her for this Thursday, and so we found our new investigator!!   By that time it was 8:30, and we had to turn in our numbers by 9.  We were on our way to a different lesson, trying to think of which members we could bring, and as we were thinking we passed by the house of a recent convert, and decided, why not?  So we went up, knocked on her door and asked if she could help, and she said yes!!!  So we went, had a great visit, and ended the week with pautas at 9:01.  And the best part?  This is my first week working with Elder Jonson.  It was such a great feeling, and I know that it is all thanks to the Lord for guiding us. The pautas aren't there just to be a number, but to make us work harder in the work of salvation.
The work here is going great.  Since we combined our areas we have had so much to do! For example...this morning we had a visit at 10 with a lady named Maria, and a member came with us to that, then we got a call from another member to see if we could go give a blessing to her grandfather in the hospital.  There is  so much work here that we are busy on preparation day! Even though they were kind of emergency situations, it's still amazing to see.
Also, working with Elder Jonson is a blast! He is a really great elder and he knows how to teach really well. I'm learning so much from him, and we are seeing miracles all over the place!!! It's really different here without the other elders, and our piso feels really big now, but overall its super great.   Ok, our area feels really big too...seeing as it's a whole island...:)
Love you all!!  Have a great week!
Elder Dixon

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