Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"We have been finding a lot of people to teach, and the blessing is all of them are from references"

Hello from Zaragoza Spain!!
This week has been absolutely crazy, hectic, wonderful, and miracle filled!!
To start off, Monday was packing day to leave the MTC, and say goodbye to everybody, and generally be really nervous for whatever came next.
So, Tuesday morning we woke up and got to the train station, and then we had an adventure trying to fit all our luggage (think airplane, with no overhead bins or room under the seats, nothing checked, and about 20 missionaries with 3 suitcases each....ya….). Then it was a two and a half hour train ride to Barcelona, going a constant 187.5 miles per hour!
Then we got to Barcelona, had interviews with the President and got assigned temporary companions to go stay with at their pisos (apartments) in the heart of Barcelona. Then we got to go contacting:) it was kind of a blur after that.  All I really can remember is I had a blast!!   And I got to sleep on a hard wood floor too :)  it was quite the experience.
Wednesday we woke up and went to an old fort where we could see all of Barcelona.  It was really cool....oh oops...I forgot I'm not supposed to say cool, or awesome as a missionary anymore.... anyway, it was super amazing and I loved it.
Then, I got to find out my companion and first area!!  Whoo!!  Elder Wiscombe is awesome!!  He has been out for about a year, and he is from Morgan Utah. (We call Utah "la fabrica" or, the factory, because so many missionaries are from there) We live in a piso with Elder Russel from Spanish Fork, and he is training Elder Roberts, who was my old companion in the MTC, so it's been a blast!!
Zaragoza is so pretty, and the people here are awesome.  Quick note - the missionaries NEED the members help. Having members at lessons is so important, and it is kind of hard to get people to come with us.  Please, ask the missionaries if you can go with them sometime.
Anyway, the rest of this week has been just full of meetings with members, our district, etc. It's been crazy, and we have had so many miracles. The coolest one though, is defiantly the fact that my first real day out in the field we had a lesson with a lady from Columbia.  I kind of told about her before.  I got to extend the invitation to be baptized, and she accepted!! Since then we have had two lessons with her, and she came to church yesterday too!!   It's so cool!!   
We have been finding a lot of people to teach, and the blessing is all of them are from references.  This week has truly been a blessing. 
I hope you all have an awesome week!!
Elder Dixon

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