Monday, October 7, 2013

Amulek District

Dear Friends and Family,
It's been a month!! Ahhhhh!!! I really can't believe I have been wearing a name tag and white shirt for that long!!  It's insane!!  Well, this past week a bunch happened, and wouldn't you know it but the biggest thing happened last p-day...after I sent the last email... oh well.  I just get to tell you now instead. 
So, we were in our fireside meeting we have every Thursday night and the MTC president had some business before we began, and he just casually let us know that the district leaderships were being reorganized, and that the leader of the Amulek District would be….Elder Dixon.... I didn't even know beforehand, but we were informed that we didn't need to be set apart ever for any calling during our mission because we already are set apart as missionaries, so everything beyond that becomes an assignment. The president also dropped another bomb on us when he  said we may be assigned to be branch presidents in about 4 weeks.  Ya, I'm kinda nervous to go out into the field, but I am so excited!!! 
Another exciting thing I found out on p-day was that ties here in Spain are really cheap.....I got three really nice ties (skinny ties, actually) for 50 cents apiece, which is about 80 cents in US dollars.  Crazy right?  But they are really cool. 
Saturday was another day in the park, and this time I was able to place one copy of the Book of Mormon, which was way cool.  However, the coolest thing was that I made the goal to not speak English at all Saturday, and I learned so much Spanish!!  It was insane!  Then, to top it off, Sunday was fast Sunday and fasting for the don de language (gift of tongues) was amazing!!! 
Just to exemplify exactly what fasting did for me, during one of my practice investigator lessons, the questions was posed to us "Why doesn't God physically come and help us?"  My companion and I were then able to answer her question with the perfect analogy, all in Spanish.  We compared the world to a company, with Heavenly Father being represented as the boss.  Just like the boss hires managers to tell the employees what to do, so God calls prophets who tell us what to do.   In a company of any considerable size, the boss doesn't usually communicate directly with the employees, but rather through the managers, because the bosses job is different.   
During the lesson, once we had explained this, she explained that companies usually run really smoothly, but the world doesn't.  So, we explained that if one of the employees doesn't listen to the manager, that part of the company usually doesn't work, just how parts of the world don't really  "work" when we don't listen to the prophets.  It was such an amazing Spirit in the room, and it was so cool that we were able to say all of this in Spanish.
This gospel is really amazing, and it is very important for all of us to listen to the prophets, which we have the opportunity to this weekend.  I am so excited to watch conference!  I actually will be able to watch two of the sessions live, because the timing works out perfectly.  I would encourage you to watch it as well, and really listen to what is being told you.
I love you all and hope you all can feel the Spirit every second of your day.
Elder Dixon

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