Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Revelation changes stuff up….

July 7, 2015

So...to start off, I have good news!! Last week, I was talking with my leaders about the upcoming San Fermin festival, and trying to figure out if it would be best for us to leave or not, and the assistants told me that I should plan on just staying in Pamplona until the end of my mission!! Whoooo!!! Super exciting! Well...here's the thing....revelation changes stuff up…. and I'm on a train right now going to my new area in Valencia. What? I was really shocked.....but, I guess the Lord has other plans for me! So here’s a rundown of my last week in Pamplona. 
First off, we've been having so many visits, I and my companion were barely together this week. We did splits all the time! It made it real confusing, but it was a ton of fun! On top of that too, we had a trip to Bilbao to meet the new mission president, so that was a lot of fun. I won't get to know him all that well, but it's really exciting too. It was a great trip, and on the way back I did a companionship interchange with the zone leaders for a day too. I laughed and learned a lot. 
Then, the crazy stuff all started happening as soon as I found out I was leaving. I've been in a different house every possible hour of the past two days saying goodbye to everybody, and they all kept stuffing me full of food! Apparently since I didn't gain weight during the six months I've been here, they wanted to make me gain it all in two days……ugggg.....and they've told me Valencia gives more food than anywhere! Haha, and the other elders wonder how I have so much money at the end of the month:) 
Well....I really don't know what else to write....I loved my time in Pamplona, and the truth is I didn't want to leave, but I figure that since I'm going to try and work there I'll see them all soon enough. I'm kinda bummed I missed the San Fermins though...so I'll have to go back another year.
So that was the week! Or at least the important parts. I hope you all have a good week too!!
Love, Elder Dixon

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