Monday, June 29, 2015

I Saw France!!

June 29, 2015

This week was way good, way crazy, and miracle filled. We traveled a lot this week, and so we had a lot of time spent either in bus or in car, but somehow we still had a 30 lesson week, which is the most I've ever had in my entire mission. We've been doing splits a ton, and the ward members are really helping us out a ton.

Probably the biggest miracle was that on Saturday we went to go visit a less active member from Germany, who lives by himself in a small town in the middle of the Pyrenees Mountains, only 2 miles from the French border, which consists of three houses. (I saw France!!) It was a really neat visit, because he showed us all his land and animals and cars and the huge house he lives in, and we really just got to become friends with him. We had planned to teach family history, but in the end we shared a Mormon message and just talked about it for a long time before we had to go. Even though it didn't seem like we did much, from the feeling that was there, that visit was absolutely necessary, and the hour and a half drive was well worth it. 
Other travels were to Vitoria for a ward conference, and in Vitoria we went to go explore a cave that it turns out you can't go into.  Other than that we were all over in Pamplona. Crazy stuff....and next week we go to Bilbao to meet the new mission president. President Pace will be leaving on Tuesday, and President Dayton should be here Tuesday night. know....tomorrow. WIERD!!!!!!

Well, other than that, there was also a ward activity on Friday, and when we went to it we found that there were at least 10 investigators from our area there, and just as many for the other elders, with a bunch more that we had no idea who they were. The work really is moving forward here in Pamplona. 
So that's basically my week!
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

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