Monday, February 2, 2015

It snowed three days straight!

February 2, 2015

It snowed! For three days straight it snowed here in Pamplona, and it was a ton of fun, because it was Elder Noovaos first time ever seeing it fall, and so we were having a blast all week, and today for preparation day we had a snowball fight, and made Elder Noovaos first snowman, which he later tackled to the ground. It was a lot of fun. Apart from the fun however, we also used the snow as a tool, because we were able to stop by a lot of people and they let us in, mostly out of pity, but also because they were all home since it was so cold. On top of that, we had a ton of members pitch in and give us rides everywhere, and so we got to go a lot of places. It was a really great week.
One experience was that we knocked on the door of a menos activo JAS, who Elder Noovao said had only been there once in the thousands of times they passed by during the last two transfers, and he let us come in, and we had one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had. It was incredible, and he was really happy to see us because he had been going through a rough time, and he said that us coming was exactly what he needed, just so he could calm down and feel the spirit. It was really neat.
Another great thing was that after church on Sunday, the whole ward went outside and had a snowball fight, even some of the older members. It was a ton of fun, seeing all the ward laugh and play in the snow, just like normal people. (For some reason, all the primary kids ganged up against me and my companion...) We were all laughing and just having a really good time. The secretary of the ward got it the worst though. He was thrown by one of the bishopric and the elders quorum president into the snow, then pelted by his kids and wife. It was a blast.

Later, after church yesterday, we stopped by a family we visit often, because we didn’t see them in church, and since our other visit had fallen through, we stopped to see them. Well, right after we got in, took off our coats and sat down, the visiting teachers came, one of which is a recent convert who I still didn’t know, and so we got to know her a little. The other visiting teacher came with her boyfriend though, who happens to be the elders quorum president, and once he realized that we couldn’t get a word in edgewise because the three ladies were all talking, he had us go with him on a surprise visit to a menos activo lady, and we had a really great time getting to know him a bit more, and we also didn’t have to slog through the snow, because we were in his car. It’s really nice being in an area where most of the members have cars.

Well, I really didn’t mean to write so much just about the snow, but it really helped us out, and it was a blast seeing Elder Noovaos reaction to everything too. We also had zone enfoque this week, so that was fun to go see a different city and everything. It was just really a great week.
Thanks for all you do!
Elder Dixon

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