Monday, February 9, 2015

I’m going to Bilbao today

February 9, 2015
Well, yesterday, we got a call....I’m going to Bilbao today. It’s really weird, because I’ve only been in Pamplona for 3 weeks. Oh well. It’s ok, I guess. All of the elders from my zone are going. It’s gonna be a huge conference...and then we will be coming back on Wednesday. It really will be like a vacation though. They are going to let us watch Meet the Mormons too. We even get to stay in a hotel!!! I’m super excited.
 Anyway, this week was great. We really started to gain some traction and find and teach some people. Some of the people we found this week are the parents of a member, so we really didn’t have to look all that far for them. Well, the member told us that she didn’t think they would come to church since they have said that a bunch of times, and didn’t even come to her confirmation, so she didn’t really think they would come this Sunday. But, the crazy part was that we invited them to church, and they accepted. .so, Sunday came, and what do you know but they did too! The member was so happy! I don’t think she could really believe that her parents were in church. She’s been trying to get them to go for 3 years, and they never had. It was a really neat experience, and the best part is that they said they are going to come next week too. So that was pretty great. It was a fun week. We made most of our goals and taught a bunch of fun lessons. I really enjoy it here in Pamplona
Well, I hope you all have a great week too.
Love, Elder Dixon

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