Monday, January 26, 2015

"Good thing I have a really good companion..."

January 26, 2015 

This week was really good. In my prayers I hardly have time to ask for anything because I just give thanks for letting me be here now, with Elder Noovao. It really has been an incredible week. I’ve never felt the Spirit as much as I have this past week. It was truly incredible.
We’ve been working a lot with part member families, and recent converts, and we have been so blessed in our work. On Friday, for example, we went to an eating visit with some members, and while we were there, we asked for references, and they asked us about a menos activo in our ward they haven’t seen for a while. Well, since we didn’t know them, we pulled out the ward list, and as the sister was going down the list, looking for the name, she kept stopping and asking about a bunch of other people, and telling us to go visit them. We ended up with a bunch of references, and instructions to ask bishop about a few more people. It was really great. I’ve never had anyone give me so many references at a time. The only bad part about that visit was that we asked for the references at the end then they took another 45 minutes giving them to us, so we were there for almost two hours...but I’m not really complaining. It was really neat though. It’s just been a ton of fun here so far, even though I’m still completely lost. Good thing I have a really good companion who knows where we are!
Oh another neat thing about Pamplona is the castles. They’re everywhere! It’s really neat. Still haven’t gone to one, but it’s in the plans for next week. Yay!
It also snows here, and was the first time my companion has ever seen snow fall. He loved it:)

Thank you all for your support!
Elder Dixon
 Ricky and Elder Noovao

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