Monday, January 12, 2015

Wow, the Lord really does only give us what we can deal with

January 12, 2015
So, this week was really great, starting it off with a huge parade for the King’s festival. It was super neat, and they threw so much candy!! It was kinda weird though...some person in the parade came up to me and just gave me a huge handful instead of me having to catch it. I have no idea who it was, but I figure they just saw my name tag and figured "he’s a poor missionary, let’s give him some candy". Well, I’m not complaining!! 
Also, this week we got a knock on our door from our downstairs neighbor. Apparently, our toilet leaks, and so she had water falling from her ceiling.  Yup...and the plumber was supposed to come today, and didn’t show... so that’s fun. Other than that though, we have been seeing a ton of miracles and blessings here in Cornellá.
One neat thing that happened was with yesterday, where we learned that the Lord only gives us what we can deal with. We went to go get an investigator to show him the way to get to the church, and we made sure to be there about a half hour before church started so we could be on time. Well, we got to the park where we were going to meet, and sat and waited for 15 minutes. Then, once we were finally on our way, one metro stop away the train broke down, and so we waited for another large chunk of time, and in the end we got to church just as they were singing the sacrament hymn. So, we took the sacrament, and then the meeting started, which happened to be ward conference.
Well, the first speaker started talking about family history work, and the temple, and then the next one talked a lot about tithing and fast offerings. I was kind of worried, because some of the things said were really fuerte, (strong) and we have only taught him one time. Well, it was fortunate, because he fell asleep, and so missed most of the talks that he wouldn’t have understood yet. Then, in the next class, as we started talking about the church welfare program, and the brother in the back who is a also really fuerte started to talk, our investigator got a phone call that lasted exactly as long as the discussion about the welfare program lasted, which avoided even more topics that would have left him really confused. Then, just as priesthood was about to start, he had to leave. Well, turns out the whole class in priesthood was about how we as priesthood holders have certain responsibilities, which also would have left him really confused.
It was really neat to afterward think about church and realize, wow, the Lord really does only give us what we can deal with. 
Well, I hope you all have a good week!!
Love Elder Dixon

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