Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"He is the gift", or in Spanish " El es la Dádiva"

December 9, 2014

This week so much happened, and yet, looking at my planner, it seems like we didn’t do anything. We were running everywhere, doing so many things, a ton of visits fired, and it was just a crazy week, but, we saw a lot of blessings too. One really neat thing this week was that we had zone enfoque, which was amazing. The whole thing was about the new church video, "He is the gift", or in Spanish " El es la Dádiva". The whole idea behind it is to get people to think more of Christ during this season, and to help with missionary work. Do you remember the video "Because of Him"? ya, that was just a test for this one. It wasn’t very advertised or anything, and yet, it was a huge success. So, now for the "He is the gift" video, 80000 some odd missionaries have 250 pass along cards per companionship to share it, and we have to give a weekly report of how many people start investigating the church because of it. It was also the huge advertisement on you tube Sunday, so everybody could see it. During the month of December, Times Square in New York is covered in banners and other methods of advertisement, and here in Spain we have been working a ton with it. I love the new church video. It really is super great, and when it is combined with a lesson afterwards, it is really powerful. One really neat story with it is that the day after we talked about it, we went to a part member family for a visit. The parents are starting to come back to church, and want their 10 year old daughter to get baptized, but she has been kinda reluctant. Well, we watched the video, and then we asked her specifically if she would be baptized on the 27 of December to start the New Year, and to give a gift back. The spirit was really strong, and she agreed. She has been reading every day since then, and came to church and everything. We had a family home evening with them yesterday, and she sounds really excited. It going to be a white Christmas after all! It was a really neat experience.
I love the church. Really, it’s super neat how organized it all is, and how Heavenly Father just makes everything work out somehow.
I hope you all have a good week, and share the video with some of your friends.
Elder Dixon

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