Sunday, November 23, 2014

We were forced to duck into a doorway

November 23, 2015 

Today is my comps 21st birthday, so we had a ton of fun.  Haha, one of the funny parts about being here in Spain, is that coke is cheaper than beer, which is cheaper than water, and so it being the 21st birthday, of course my comp bought some of the alcohol free stuff, just to say he did:) 0.0 percent alcohol, just the taste. (nasty) so, he and Elder Jacobson went to the office, and me and Elder Olaso stayed and decorated the piso, and made a cake and everything, and so when they got back it was a huge surprise. We had a ton of fun. (Thanks mom for sending all the stuff.  Turned out better late:)
Other than that, this week was really good, we had a lot of fun and had a bunch of little blessings. We've been working with the menos activos a lot, and it's really been great because they have a lot of family. For example, the mother of one of the JAS (young single adults) isn't a member, and so last week we had a really great visit with her. She is trying to find a religion, and is studying with the Testigos (Jehovah Witnesses), and so in our visit she was asking us and her daughter about the questions she has, and because her daughter was there, she was able to connect more with her mom, and pull from personal experience to help her understand. At the end, we were talking, and Elder Frederich pointed out how interesting it was, that she was looking for a religion, and yet she hadn't even tried to read the Book of Mormon or anything and find out about the church her daughter is a part of.  It was a really powerful lesson, and we're going back this Wednesday to see how it goes.
Another neat little blessing happened last night. It was raining buckets, and since we didn't have a visit we were walking the streets doing a pass by plan. Well, as we were walking down the street, the rain picked up, and was going through our umbrellas, and so we were forced to duck into a doorway, and since we were stuck, we figured why not? lets knock the building. So we went in, started going up to the top floor, and my companion made the comment that we had been forced by divine power to stop at this building, and so we should expect a miracle. Well, we were knocking the doors, and about half way through, the man who answered was really excited, and told us about 6 months ago he had been contacted on the streets and given his phone number to the elders, but they had never called. He didn't have time right then, but he gave us his number and told us to come back next Saturday when he doesn't have work, and we could talk. It was a neat experience.
The mission is a ton of fun.  It's crazy, and difficult, but overall, it's a ton of fun.
Thank for all your support,
Love you,
Elder Dixon

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