Monday, December 29, 2014

I can’t go to church because of Dragonball Z...

December 29, 2014

THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!! Why? Well....CHRISTMAS!!! Yay. And because I can’t stop laughing at everything that happened this week. It was crazy.... to quote my companion, "We’ve had to cancel on 2 visits this past week, but it’s because somebody was either dying...or dead". You already know about us having to go sing at the funeral, well, as part of it we missed singing in the ward choir, and they weren’t really happy, since we make up half of the men who sing. The other time. Well,  ya...we were in the hospital again. We were having a white elephant activity with the youth, and one of the young women in our area lost all feeling and control of her hand, so we went with her to the hospital, and we missed a visit because of it..oh well. Emergency’s just go hand in hand with the mission. It was kinda funny though, because before we took her to the hospital the other youth were having fun asking her "does this hurt? How about this? And this?" We made them stop once they started poking her hand with a blood was drawn though!! Apparently the doctor played the same game though, and did draw stuff!! Then on top of that, people were giving us the craziest excuses as to why they couldn’t meet with us, or come to church. My favorite? I can’t go to church because of Dragonball Z". Waait....what? Ya, I still don’t understand.
It was just a great week, and of course the best part was talking to my family. We went to a guy in the ward who is an IT and his set up was sweet!!! The first time everything worked perfectly from my end. Now if my parents could just figure out my dad’s new computer, we’ll be fine:)
Over all this week was really great, and I hope that all of you have a great week this time around!! 
Elder Dixon
 Elder Frederich and Ricky

Christmas Skype calls are the BEST!

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