Monday, December 15, 2014

David Archuleta is going to do a private concert !!

December 15, 2014

We had a lot of stuff going on this week, and taught a bunch of lessons to less actives. It was a pretty good week. With Christmas right around the corner too, we have been preparing a bunch of stuff, like activities and visits, so were pretty busy.
This past week was also the birthday of one of the less active JAS , and so we prepared a surprise birthday for him with a bunch of the youth from the ward, kind of to show him that he had friends in the ward. He got offended a while ago, only the people who offended him didn’t know, so it was kind of awkward when one of them showed up. However, by the end, they were talking like old times, and they worked stuff out, apparently, so it turned out to be a little blessing. We were stressed out of our minds though. Just goes to show that when you do all you can, God does the rest, even if He does it in a way that may freak you out a bit at the beginning.
This next week is going to be crazy too, because we have the mission Christmas program, like we did last year, so that will be fun, but then on top of that, we’re in the ward, and stake choirs, so there’s more stuff to do....and then on Saturday David Archuleta is going to do a private concert for the missionaries and investigators, and some of the youth from the Barcelona, Hospitalet, and Badolona stakes. It’s gonna be crazy! Each companionship has 3 tickets to give out, and then each ward has 20. Fun stuff!!!
So to end, I want to share a sweet experience that happened to us Saturday. We got a call from a member early in the morning, about 8 o’clock, asking us to go give a blessing to his mother in the hospital. She had gotten home from a two month trip to Bolivia literally 5 hours before, and all of sudden she couldn’t breath, and she went into cardiac arrest, and so we went to give her a blessing. It was a very sweet experience, because her son is the only member of his family, but his 3 siblings were all super glad to see us. We had to wait outside for a while because the doctors were working. She was in the intensive care, critical unit, and so we were only allowed in for about 2 minutes, and only two at a time. However, the nurse was really nice and let the three of us go in. There were machines beeping and tubes everywhere, and his mother was shaking, and there was a nurse checking everything. So, while all this was going on, we gave the blessing, and as soon as we started, it all went calm, and we could feel the Spirit really strong. It was a sweet experience. After we left the room, we stayed around talking, trying to console the family for a little while, and then we left, humbled. I am so grateful for the priesthood power, and that I am worthy to exercise it. It truly is one of the greatest blessings.
I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Dixon

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