Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I got Transfered!!!

October 28, 2014
Well, hello there from Cornella!. (pronounced cor-nay-ya). It's really just a part of Barcelona....it's just that Barce is so huge they have split it up into a bunch of little cities..but ya:) I got transferred!!!
Wow, six months on the island, and here I am back in Barce! And the crazy part is, I'm only about 6 or 7 subway stops away from my old area...maybe 8, I'm not sure, but close!  And...I'm whitewashing which means we know nothing about our new area….I'm so lost. I hope I can get back to piso... (my apartment…)   Anyway… my new companion is Elder Frederich, and he is awesome. He's coming from Huesca, which is about the same size as Menorca, so we've been in basically the same situation, which is pretty neat.  But ya...I really don't have all that much to say today....the last week was just goodbyes, nothing really crazy. It was hard to leave the island.  But I'll go back some time soon, I'm sure.  
The mission is crazy though! I've gotten so many curveballs. I love it. That's perhaps the biggest thing I learned on the island. Just make the best with what you've got, and the Lord will do the rest. Simple. But yup, that's the week. I'll have more next week, I promise.

Love you all,
Elder Dixon

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