Monday, October 20, 2014

It was the best day so far on my mission

October 20, 2014

So, this week was probably one of the best on my was great. To start, I got a haircut, finally.  Then,  I got to go into Barcelona again to do my residency stuff, since I'm illegal. Basically what I had to do was go to the government office and say I live in Barcelona, then in a couple of weeks I have to apply for a new DNI card. Well...turns out I didn't have to go since I served there before, so they thought I still lived there, so...that was fun. But then afterwards, I was able to take Elder Lesueur around Barce and see some stuff, and we went to the subway by the Sagrada Famila where some of the people I taught work, so we got free food, and also, Oscar was there, so I got to see him, and it was a really big blessing. I had a blast, and I think my companion did too, even though I was kinda dragging him everywhere. But he's super great and was able to deal with it.
The other thing I want to share with you was a very tender experience.  After we got home from Barce we went to a recent converts house who has been having a really hard time, and when we went in we asked where she was reading in the Book of Mormon.  Well, she then gave a very detailed, in depth analysis of Alma 48-50, that was amazing.  She explained that she was like the Nephites, and that she had had a bad part in her, like Ammoniha, that had been destroyed, but now it was up to her to find it and fortify it so that when the devils armies came again, they would be afraid and go to the next place, and that she would have to make that even stronger. So she started a notebook with her weak places, and was now trying to fortify them, and the first one, was come to church. (she came:) but then, the most spiritual part was when Elder Lesueur had her read in D &C 122:6-7 which talks about when all the trials are coming, and when the very gates of hell gape wide after us, it is all for our good.  And when she read the words  the Spirit HIT so hard, literally, physically hit, all of us.  We went home on a spiritual high.  It was the best day so far on my mission. The scriptures are amazing!!  They change lives so much and for me to be able to see that is a huge blessing.
I love being on a mission.

Love you all,
Elder Dixon

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