Monday, October 6, 2014

...she's almost ready to go to the temple

October 6, 2014

So this week was good. Ok, amazing.  A spiritual feast, actually, because something amazing happened Monday (I'll tell that last) then, Wednesday we went to Palma for a zone enfoque, which was amazing..Elder Russel is my zone leader now (I was with him in Zaragoza) along with Elder Singerman, an old office elder.  It's kinda weird actually...I'm old,, then after the zone enfoque, we had interviews with president, and I learned a ton!  Then to top it all off, CONFERENCE!!  It was amazing! I only fell asleep once! And we had a ton of people in church too. A whole less active family came, who I have been trying to get there since I came! It was super neat, and Margarita stayed for every session, except priesthood, of course. But it was great.
We also had a blessing that a couple from England came, and they took us out to eat twice! It was super nice, and so this week I didn't need to buy as much food. Yay for tourists....or as they call them here, giris.
So, now for the best part of the week. Last Monday, after getting home from e-mailing, I looked at one of the Liahona's for this month, and in the middle, they staple in a section specifically about Spain, and this month it had a article about service, and donating blood, and had a little article about Zaragoza...with a picture of Maria Angeles with one of the members. It was a huge blessing. She was baptized 10 months ago...she's almost ready to go to the temple, and even though I haven't heard anything from her during those ten months, the picture showed me that she is still there. It was a huge blessing.
I know the Lords work is hastening, and I love being a part of it.
Thank you for your support.
Love, Elder Dixon 

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