Saturday, April 26, 2014

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April 14, 2014

This week was good, and we saw miracles, but really nothing extraordinary happened. One thing was just that we had been feeling we needed to go to arc de triumf, but since that is the boundary of our area we have been putting it off, and this week we finally went and we found a menos activo who was really happy to see us, so that was a small but simple miracle.  Our numbers this week are kind of low  unfortunately, but not because we weren't trying.  Our visits just keep failing on us!!  Satan does a really good job of making people forget they have appointments with us.  Another part of it too probably was that I had to put my foot down and make Elder West sign up for his classes, because up until Wednesday he still hadn't. That took a lot of time unfortunately, but Oscar was with us (he is a member who doesn't have a job so he is always with us, and if we don't call him to go on visits he gets mad.  He literally is with a companionship at least once a day) and so I was able to help him try and find his line of authority, and figure out how to use, so it was a good use of time, and then later that day we had a couple really good member present lessons with him helping us.
This week was also really difficult, because we had kind of a spiritual hiccup, where for my part at least, it was tough to feel the Spirit for a day or so, due to an argument we had with the other elders in our piso over a small little thing.  It's all better now, but it was super hard to break through.  But, fortunately I have an amazing companion, who holds the Priesthood and was able to give me a blessing.  I really needed it, and for him to have been there was great.  He is what I imagine having a brother is like.  Someone that can annoy you to no end, but as soon as anybody says anything against them, they are going down.  That's the kind of relationship we have.  Also, being able to fast helped out a ton.  I love fast Sunday.
Anyway, that was all that happened this week. Love you all!!!
Elder Dixon

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