Saturday, April 26, 2014

Conference was Amazing!!

April 7, 2014
So, this week was a blast!!  We got caught in a huge rainstorm, had interviews with president, and to top it all off, conference was amazing!!!
One cool little experience we had, was that we had been at a visit, and our plan was to go to the office and drop off some stuff, and on the way pass out invitations for conference, inviting as many people as we could in the metro.  Well, in the excitement, we accidentally got off one stop too early , and so we waited for the next train, and once we got on, I contacted a man, who said he didn't believe in organized religion, just in his heart, and he refused the invitation. Well, we got off the next stop, and he went one way, to go out of the metro, while we went another to get on another train. About 3 minutes later, as we were going down the stairs, this same guy ran up to me and asked me for one of the invitations, then just ran back the other way. It was really neat, but at first I didn't know what had happened, until Elder West just said "Wow, that was a miracle".  It really was.  Unfortunately, I didn't see him at conference, but I hope he got to see it somehow, and wants to learn more.
 I also wanted to share some things that I learned from conference. One that I loved, but also confused me to no end was something I learned from President Eyring.   I learned that we can make more covenants with the Lord than just baptism, and the ones in the temple.   But then, the question is, How?  What are they?  How do I make them? How do I FIND them? I love the idea, I just have no idea how the idea works!!!  So, that's gonna be one of the things I'm gonna be studying for the next little while.  I also learned I need to repent and stop worrying about the little things, and just make sure I'm studying and praying.  Obviously, here on the mission that is easy, because we have time set apart for that, but after the mission is when this one will really come into play I think.  Also, I loved Elder Ballard's talk.  Every single one of you needs to read Preach My Gospel.   It will help you so much.   It really is a great book.  Anyway, those are just some thoughts I had.   I hope you liked conference as much as I did, and that you all have an amazing week.
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

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