Saturday, April 26, 2014

20 Lessons in a Week!!

April 21, 2014
This week was really great!!! The work is picking up in our area a little, and it feels really great. Want to know why? Because we have turned our focus on the menos activos and conversos recientes. Because of that we got a new friend to teach!! We almost had three, because we went to visit a menos activa lady, and she had three friends she invited to come listen. Two of them had other stuff they had to do so they only stayed there for about 10 minutes, but we got a return visit with Jaime! Only bad part is, well, he is moving to Madrid in about a week....but he has come to church, and we are going to go eat at a members tonight, and he is going to come with us. It's really great. Visiting menos activos and conversos recientes is a really effective way to find new people to teach.
Also, this week one cool thing that I learned is that I need to stop focusing on what we haven't done, and instead realize what we HAVE done. Example: this week I was feeling bad because we only had 8 member present lessons. And then I realized we have had 10 with less actives/recent converts, and 2 Other lessons. That's a 20 lesson week! In Zaragoza, that was always our goal, was to have a 20 lesson week, and we did it this week!!! Even though we didn't hit the mission goal of 12 member presents, we still had great successes, and that is part of why this week was so great.
Also, I wanted to tell all of you that if you haven't already, go to and watch the video on Spanish its called "gracias a el", which means "Thanks to Him", but idk if that's the title in English. All I know is that yesterday if you went to the homepage of YouTube it was the first video on there, so that was pretty cool:) anyway, it is awesome!!!! Only 3 minutes, but incredible. Go watch it. Now. 
Anyway, that's pretty much it!!!
Love you all!!
Elder Dixon

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