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April 1, 2014

This week was amazing!!! It started off well on Monday, preparation day, when we had a barbecue with an investigator, that quickly turned into a water fight, then got even better when Elder West and I had 3 news and 1 member present at the end of the day. It happened because as we were walking to a members house for a noche de hogar, we saw a couple loaded down with bags, and the guy dropped some, so we asked if we could help. Well, then it turned into a hour and a half lesson/service opportunity by helping this family move to their new piso, and at the end when we asked if we could come back and share a message, they said yes!!!! (only problem...they live in the hermanas area, so we get to pass them.....sniff...) but, they also live with a lady who is super interested, and she wants to come to English class too, and she wants to bring a friend too!!!! MIRACLE!!! (for the Hermanas.....) from there it just got better!

We found 2 more new people to teach through miracles just like that one as well. However, the biggest miracle this week was that we had a baptism.  It was absolutely amazing, and without the Lord's hand in it, it wouldn't have been done.  So, the person who got baptized is from Cameroon, Africa, and he only speaks French. I don't, and neither does Elder West.  So, we have been asking help from the members who do speak French to translate for us, which worked out pretty well.  But then, on Tuesday we had a lesson with him, and as we were about to go to the lesson, the member fired on us.  So, we tried to find somebody else, but instead we found out that not one of the members who spoke French could help us....for the whole week, and his baptism was scheduled for Saturday!!  So, we went to the lesson, and fortunately he has a French Book of Mormon, so we were finding verses and showing them to him in French, trying to teach him a lesson that way, when suddenly, Elder West remembered that Elder Clark went on his mission to France!  So we called him up, and asked if he could help this week, and he instead told us to go to the office with Jonas right then and he could help us, and in the end, Elder Clark was able to translate for another lesson with him, and he also did the interview for him.   Oh, and he taught the baptismal prayer to Elder West in French, so Jonas was baptized in his own language!!   It was so special, and very spiritual.   I loved it, and I loved being able to see the miracles that happened.  Oh, also this week, John was confirmed, with Jonas, so that was pretty neat too.  That was the first time I've given a blessing in front of a crowd of people, and the fact that it was in Spanish made it pretty nerve racking, but it was a very good experience.
Also, yesterday was Elder West's birthday, and so we had a lot of fun.  It's kinda weird though, I'm 18, and everybody else in the piso is 21, but I have been in the ward the longest.....I feel super young.  But Elder West is a amazing companion.  He had so much fun yesterday, and we found out it was also Archie's birthday, so we went to his party as well and had a blast.
Ok. so last thing.  Transfers were this week. so, this week, I'm actually emailing you from a computer in the Madrid MTC again...ya. It's actually really really neat.  All the missions the MTC empties into (so basically most of Europe) have a "ambassador" missionary - one from each mission, to help the new missionaries learn more about their missions and to help them be better prepared.  It's pretty neat.  So, I'm in a trio, with Elder Case, from the Madrid mission, and from Utah as well, (he's from Saint George and has about a year in the mission) and Elder Ochoa from the Malaga mission who was born in Ecuador, but lives in Hospitalet (which is right next to Barcelona and he only has 9 months in the mission) So, it's pretty crazy.  I got on a train super early this morning (5:46 to be exact) and now, I'm here in the MTC good thing, I don't have to worry about buying food!!!!! Whoo!!!!  But ya, it's crazy.  Ok, well, I have to go now, so, I hope you all have a good week!!!
Thanks for your support! I love you all
Elder Dixon
Oh, and PS........
How many of you remembered it is April fools day? :P I'm still in Barce (that was just a transfer night mare I had:) love ya!

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