Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Camels...real camels!!

December 9, 2013

So this week was absolutely insane!!!!!!!!!!  Whiplash has officially set in, and our piso (apartment) is super crowded, because now we have 6 in a little 4 room piso. Why do we have 6 people?  Because I have 3 companions now...we are in a quad, not a trio anymore, which is weird.  Our new elder is Elder Gil from the Canary Islands, so a native Spanish speaker, who fortunately speaks English, but he is visa waiting to go to the Mexico East Mission, which is also crazy because he has no MTC training. 

Anyway, because of this last preparation day turned into another trip to IKEA and the mall... no ice skating.  This week though we will be going to play nerf with a member and ice-skate and shop and maybe see the belen (nativity).  It is so much fun in our piso even though we are crowded. It's funny too because Elder Roberts and Russel (the other set of missionaries) are in the living room on air mattresses because the 4 of us have to sleep in the same room and there are only 4, they got the short end of the stick.  We are working it out though because what happens is we go on splits all the time, so we aren't always together all four of us. Although, we do teach some lessons all together. 
The Christmas sprit really has hit us in our piso though. We even bought a tree and lights and stuff, and we have been having hot chocolate out the wazoo because it is so cold here.  But it's ok cause I have a big coat and a hat:) thanks mom for preparing me:)  Also, one thing I forgot to mention is while Elder Wiscombe and I were going to a menos activos (less active) house we passed by the belen and we got stopped because we had to wait for a line of camels to go past...real camels....with kids on them.  It was a kids ride all around the plaza!!  I wanna be a kid again just for that!  It was crazy!!!  Haha, hopefully I can get pictures today:)
Well, that was basically my was all prepping for the new missionary and Christmas. Oh, we did go to Llerida again, but that is really just a routine thing.  I guess another thing is we have a choir concert next week with the members...funny thing though is that the 14 missionaries are accompanied by about 6 members, which is kind of sad, but hey, it still will be a good experience I think. 
I love you all and hope your week has been great!!
Elder Dixon

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