Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/2013 "More Nicotine Gum and a Brazilian Thanksgiving"

December 2, 2013
Well, this week was a adventure!!! As you know, this past week I got a new companion, Elder Coombs, who I currently don't have any pictures of, but he is great.  He is from Pleasant Grove, and cool thing, he is studying at Utah State, mechanical engineering with an emphasis in the aeronautical field. Same as Zane!! and me, but not at Utah State... oh well.  
So, for some reason all of our investigators have problems smoking....I don't get why, but they do and its really lame. Oh well,  it makes for good memories...especially cause the best way to help them stop is with the nicotine gum, and when people see three missionaries buying it we get really weird looks and we have to explain why we are getting it.
Also this week I got to go to IKEA, in a mall called Puerto Venecia, which is easily the biggest and nicest mall I have ever been to, and from what I have heard from other missionaries it is the second biggest in the world or something.  For sure the biggest in Spain.  It even has an ice skating ring we are going to next week :) Also here in Zaragoza is a really cool tradition where they set up a life-sized model of the town of Bethlehem, and the nativity. Hopefully next week I will have pictures of that, cause they have been building it in the Plaza de Pilar for about 2 weeks now, so it should be done. Oh ya, and if you haven't yet, you should Google the Pilar in Zaragoza, because it is just about the prettiest thing in the world. 
Ok, so my dad had a bunch of questions for me, and I figured I could just answer them here, so.... The best kind of food here are the pastries, and the best is a Napolitana. They are like a croissant thing with chocolate filling and all flaky and messy and powdery sugary and absolutely amazing:) also, I really like the Palmera pastries too, which are a hard, flaky bread covered in chocolate. YUM:)
My companions are both 20 years old, both from Utah, both are amazing teachers and they came to the mission the same time, and actually were roommates in the MTC.  Our piso is really crowded with 5 people in it now, in fact, Elder Wiscombe is on the air mattress, and we had to get a new chair for the study room which is squishy with only two people in there, so....ya. It is a ton of fun though....and they are both really good cooks to, so that's a plus.
To get around we use the buses, but they are on strike a ton, so usually we just take Bus leg after the other words, we walk EVERYWHERE!!!!  It's ok though, usually, unless we are late, because then we have to run, in church shoes and a suit.  It's all good though:) 
Anyway, also this week we had Thanksgiving at a members house with our district, and it was very interesting. They are from Brazil, and so when they offered to host us, they also said they would make the rice and beans and some other stuff, because they thought that was part of what we usually eat.... we did make most of the food, such as the turkey and rolls and mashed potatoes, which they absolutely loved, but they also had some interesting traditions. Oh ya, and we made pumpkin Pie too:) yum:) it was pretty good.
On the subject of food, we went to another members house from Ecuador, and something really interesting is the fact that I  got to try Tripe.....fortunately I didn't know that's what it was til after I ate was really weird, but if I had to I could eat it again, I guess.
Anyway, that really was my week in a nut shell. We have 4 fetchas right now for the month of December, the next one is for the 14th, and I am super excited, because it is a nice lady.  She told us once that she understood we were in a different country without our moms, and so she said she would be a substitute for a while. She even offered to iron our shirts if we needed her to.  She is absolutely amazing, and I really hope she gets baptized.
I love you all, and hope you all had a amazing week too!!!
Love, Elder Dixon

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