Monday, December 2, 2013

11/26/13 "..this week was another amazing week!!"

November 26, 2013

Well, this week was another amazing week!!  I love having amazing weeks all the time. This week though so much happened!!! I probably had better start with the biggest thing, and that is that I had another baptism!! Magally finally quit smoking after 39 years (she started at age 12) and she was baptized by Elder Wiscombe this past week. It was such an amazing experience. She is so nice, and she is really talented too. Please pray for her to stay strong, and to have things improve for her. She has had such a hard life, and I know that the gospel can improve it for her if she stays strong. 
The other big thing that happened this week was That elder Roberts and I went to Barcelona to get our DNI cards so that we can be legally here. So now I'm in no danger of being deported. Sorry mom, I'm here for the long haul:) We also celebrated an early Thanksgiving this week because of transfers, but it really was more of a practice because we get to do it again this week at a members house. We get to introduce American food to a south American family.  It was really funny because they don't quite get the concept of the food we eat. The mom asked us if we wanted her to cook the rice and beans.......ya..... so we may be having a interesting conglomeration of food:) but the best part is that we figured out how to make rolls:) the bread here in Spain just doesn't compare to a light, fluffy, fresh out of the oven potato roll. yum:) 
Ok, the last thing that happened this week is......Transfers!!!!!  And yes, it did affect me. I now have a new companion, Elder Coombs. We are in a Trio!!!  It's gonna be so crazy cause there really isn't any room in our piso, so we have been buying new stuff for him to be able to fit, such as a bed and a study chair and stuff like that. It's gonna be really crowded, but I'm excited.  It may be weird to be trained by two people, but we will see. We're going to go pick him up from the train station after we email actually, so I still haven't met him, but he was in elder Wiscombe's group at the MTC and in fact was one of his roommates there.  Pretty crazy.  So, that was my week.
I hope you are all doing well, and everything at home is good.  The holidays are almost here too...we have started to sing Christmas songs already.
Until next week,
Elder Dixon
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