Monday, August 31, 2015

The castle was built more or less around 1500 b.c

August 31, 2015 

This week was great. We did so much! And yet, when I think about all we did, it seems like it was all done so long ago! So much happened and we saw so many miracles, more than normal, and yet when I stop and really think about it all, it's only been a week! I really don't understand how time works. I've been studying time for about two years now, and still feel so lost! It's strange, too, because this week I hit my two year mark, on September 4th. It was so long ago! This week was full of birthdays, and we've been using them as a great finding tool because all the members want to meet in the church with us for their "party" (if you call it that) and so they bring friends, and then they end up coming to the next couple of activities, then church, and we end up teaching them. It's been a blast!
Well, to end I really want to share a little about a fireside we had. In this ward there are a lot of JAS, and for the past couple of weeks they've been trying to come closer together as a group. So they planned this fireside with that exact idea in mind, and we watched a movie all about standing strong and working together with God on our side. It was truly incredible. And yes, we did have permission from president. 
In the movie, called Facing the Giants they talk a lot about Nehemiah, and how they had to build the walls of Jerusalem, and so each person took charge of building the wall in front of his house. Well, that's what we have to do as well, and trust in the other people’s wall to protect us, just as ours will protect them. It's the same in the church. We need to build our testimonies, and together we can build each other up and protect one another, whether it be in our quorum, class, ward, mission, or anything else.
 It was incredible to see as well how afterward, the JAS have been notably closer together. It was incredible. Also, the bishop here is amazing too, he really has a talent for teaching and making his teachings fun. I really hope I can learn to teach like he does. That's one thing I have realized on the mission, is that I love teaching. 
So ya, that was the week. Here's a picture from where we went today...which actually happens to be outside of our mission boundaries....oops:) but we had permission from president for this too;) This castle was built more or less around 1500 b.c....before the Book of Mormon even!! It was a ton of fun. Well, I hope you all have a great week!!

Love , Elder Dixon

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