Monday, May 18, 2015


May 18, 2015

Well, this past week Luz Moreno and Juan Agosta got baptized. I’ve kinda told you the story over the course of a few weeks of how we met them, but I figured I should just tell it again.
So, our ward mission leader works as a repair man, and a while ago he was helping a lady fix her water heater, and somehow he started talking to her about the church, and found out she wanted to learn more, and come to stake conference. So, he gave us her number, and we called her up, and had a visit with her, along with a member. In the visit, she explained to us that she had been going to a different church for a while, but never felt like she could open up an really express herself, but with us she could, and so she proceeded to tell us her life story, and how she knew that God was there and watching over her. It was really touching.
She’s been through a lot of hard times, but she knows that God has always helped her out of the situations. She’s had a lot of health problems as well, and for a couple of years she couldn’t walk. But she just kept bearing her testimony about how loving God is, and then we explained that He is our father, and he loves us, and asks us to do certain things in this life. Then, we invited her to be baptized, and with tears pouring down her cheeks, she said she had been waiting for someone to ask her to be baptized, and she accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of March. She also came to stake conference, with her husband, and they promised they would never miss a day of church. However, right after that, her medical problems just went downhill, and so for a long time she was in the hospital and couldn’t meet with us. But, then one Sunday they just showed up to church again, and came for a few weeks, and then last week after church they came up to us and asked what they had to do to be baptized, and when they could be. So, this past week has been a whirlwind of preparing everything, and them, to be baptized. The members here have done an amazing job as well helping out, and for the baptism there were a lot of people there to support, and afterwards they all swapped numbers. Then, yesterday was the confirmation. It was incredible too. Their faces were both just shining. It was kinda funny too, because they didn’t know to go sit back down in the congregation afterward, and so they both just stayed up on the stand for the rest of the meeting, and so all the members got to see them and be able to recognize them, and then it was really hard to get out of the room because everybody just crowded around them. It truly was incredible. Probably the best part though was when they came up after church again, and asked what they have to do to go to the temple. We have another visit set up to talk about that too. When the Lord prepares people.....They are PREPARED!
Thanks for all the prayers and support. I hope you have as good of a week as I did!
Elder Dixon

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