Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

This week was amazing, mainly because WE HAD A BAPTISM!! It was really great. Francisca Ruiz Cordova was baptized on March 7 2015 by Elder Noovao, and I was able to confirm her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on March 8, 2015. It was a very sweet baptismal service. We met Francisca through her daughter, who has been a member for almost three years now. A lot of missionaries have passed by their house, trying to talk to her family, but none of her siblings or parents ever really wanted anything to do with the church. Well, these past 2 months their family has been going through a really hard time, and so Francisca started reading the Book of Mormon, and she came to church with her husband for the first time in the beginning of February. Since then, she has only missed one time, because of work, and she has progressed so much. It’s really easy to see how much her life has changed. She even told us that as soon as she started reading, praying, and coming to church, she has felt more at peace and things have gotten better with her family. As a part of it as well, her oldest daughter, who has always been nice to the missionary’s, but wouldn’t go out of her way for them, has invited us to eat at her house with her family a lot. So we have been working a lot with the whole family. So far, Francisca is the only one who would even accept the invitation to be baptized, but her husband is reading, so we’re working with him as well.
One neat thing that happened was that we had the interview Friday at the church, because we figured it would be quieter than their house. However, we forgot that mutual happens Friday night, and that the young men’s leader has a two year old child that never stops screaming. So, we were praying that the interview would go well, and that they wouldn´t be disturbed by the noise, and afterward, I asked Elder Engen if he could hear everything going on. He said yes, but it seems as though Francisca wasn´t able to. It might just be that she’s a mom and so is really used to crying babies, and it just didn’t bother her, but either way, It was a blessing. I’ve never seen anyone so happy as her daughter when Elder Engen let us know that she could be baptized the next evening. The service was very neat, and very spiritual, and a bunch of ward members were there. I really have loved being able to see her progress, and now be a part of the church. The Garcia-Ruiz family really is like another family to me, and I hope to see all of them become a part of the church and go through the temple. I love fulfilling my missionary purpose.
Thanks for all your prayers and support!
Elder Dixon

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