Monday, March 23, 2015

This week’s been a bit rougher then the past few

March 23, 2015
This week’s been a bit rougher then the past few. I’ve been sick since Wednesday, and inside for most of the time, and the weather is rainy, and a bunch of stuff has fallen through, but, through it all, it’s still been a really productive week. We’ve been able to really see the hand of the Lord this week, and the way I’ve been able to see His hand the most has been through my companion.
One of my favorite scriptures is Mosiah 2:17, "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God". Well, as a missionary, Elder Noovao already is in the service of God, but then to top it off he’s taken really good care of me, and even more than that, he’s done a ton of work in our area. On Friday, I took a good five hour nap trying to sleep off a fever, and when I woke up, he showed me the pass by plans he made for every investigator in our area book. Then, the next thing I know is he was studying the language. He didn’t miss a beat in the work, but just kept plowing ahead while I’m trying to get better. It’s been really neat to see. He has such a big heart, and he’s dedicated it to the Lord. It’s all because of him that we still had a lot of lessons.
Other than that, I don’t have much to say about this past week. We have unfortunately lost contact with the reference from our ward mission leader, and so hopefully we will be able to talk to her this week but we’ll have to wait and see. We did however find a bunch of great people to start teaching, and today while we were walking in the old part of town buying stuff, a guy stopped us and asked us if we could teach him and his wife. Apparently the missionaries had been teaching them a while ago, and he wants us to go by again, so that was pretty neat. We´re finding a ton of work to do here, even after all the work we have done already. I love this area, and this work.
Elder Dixon

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