Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Funny story..."

February 18, 2014
Hello Home!
So, to start off, can I just say that when I don't e-mail on Mondays, it's probably because It's a transfer week....which usually means something changes for me.....and yup, true to form, I now have a new companion.  Elder West, and I will be working in his area now, which still happens to be the same ward and everything as before, and I still get to sleep in the same bed and everything.  I really just have to move everything from my old desk to my new desk, and start learning the streets...again.....oh well:) I also get to learn about all my new investigators and everything else, so, it's gonna be an adventure!  So I guess that was the biggest thing this week. Other than that though, this week I got to go on intercambios, (companionship exchanges in English), with Elder Hikola from Finland, who is finishing his mission in 12 days.  Oh, and Elder Bascopé who was Elder West's old companion and the Zone Leader is going home today.
Funny story actually is that we had been planning a good-bye dinner for him with some members, and one day we got a call from a guy, who actually turned out to be Elder Bascopes older brother, who informed us that his family was coming from Madrid to pick him we planned that his family would be there as a surprise for the dinner (that was on Saturday).
Well, now here's the catch....we weren't informed until Thursday that there would only be 3 of his siblings missing....ya, Elder Bascopé is the youngest of 10, and all of them are we had an extra 19 people in a super small apartment for na amazing surprise.  It was so much fun, and the best part is that I was able to communicate a little with his family:)
Other than that not much really happened this week......we helped a lady move on valentine's day, and I got a little heart sticker for the back of my name tag, but that's about it. It was a crazy, but amazing week. end, here is a neat little quote from an Elder here from Germany, Elder Hachenberger. "The Book of Mormon is amazing.  It is just a book full of power."   I just want to second his thought and also tell you that it can answer any question you want.  Really!  Ask a question, such as, "what should I do today?" and then go look at 1 Nephi 13:22 :D
Love ya!!!
Hasta Pronto!


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