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February 3, 2014

February 3, 2013

This week was pretty amazing, and extremely spiritually uplifting! We had so much happen this week, it was absolutely crazy!  Especially because of all the conferences.  We had  a specialized missionary conference for our zone that lasted two days, and stake conference with two meetings Saturday night, the leadership and the adult session, and to top it all off, Sunday was a special conference broadcast to all of Spain, Portugal, and Cape Verde, and Elder Ballard spoke (funny story, he actually came out and said playing or watching sports isn't a good Sabbath, he didn't emphasize it, he just mentioned it, but still.....Elder Ferrer was super upset cause all the Granada soccer games are usually on Sunday :P) !!  Anyway, it was super spiritual and I learned a ton!  So that was one reason this week was awesome, but also because of the miracles we saw.  If it's ok I want to share two with you from this week.
The first was on Tuesday, after the specialized conference, when Elder West and I went on splits because our companions are the Zone Leaders.  Anyway, what happened is we were working in my area, and when we went to the visit we had set up it back fired on us, so we decided to go back to his area and work there because it was closer to piso.  Only problem was that I'm still a little lost here, and so we got on the metro going the wrong way.  Well, that turned out to be ok, because I was thinking about who lived at the next metro stop, and I remembered a recent convert named Harrison who lived there, so we decided to visit him, and when we went into his house, he had a bunch of friends over and so we got to teach them all about the restoration and Harrison was amazing at helping us teach, and from that we got 3 news!  All because we got on the metro the wrong way.
The other miracle actually happened on the metro as well.  We were at one end of it, and were going to get off at the next stop, and Elder Ferrer was about to fall asleep on his feet, so we decided to walk to the other end.  Well, once we got there, a man came up to us and explained that he had been looking for missionaries to talk to because he was a member but had just barely come here from Honduras and wanted to know where the church was and what time and everything, and it turns out that he had followed us through the metro.  It was really neat, and he came to the stake conference and everything and is amazing.  That is one thing I really like about Elder Ferrer, is that he always can feel the Spirit and he follows the promptings even when he doesn't know they are promptings or why he needs to do them.  It's pretty great.
This week we also have a fecha (baptismal date) for a lady named Rocio, whose two kids have already been baptized. The only reason she isn't is because she wants to wait for her husband to get home from her pies (I think its Peru....) but we have been talking to her and she really wants to get baptized, and since she has no idea when he will get home, we asked her if she would pray and see if she should wait or get baptized this week. We are going to visit with her this week to find out her answer, but I feel like she needs to be baptized this week.
Also, we have another fecha, sort of. His name is Luke and he is from England, but he is just doing a study abroad so he isn't sure if he wants to be baptized here or wait till he goes home so his family can be there for it. The only thing is that he will be here for 5 months, so I don't know what will happen there.
ok, well, I just want to end with one thought I learned in the conference. We read in Ether 3 about how the Lord touched the stones and they shone.  Well, whenever we feel the Spirit telling us to do something or that we did something right, the Lord is touching us so we can shine too :)
Thank you so much for your support!!
Un Embrazo,
Elder Dixon

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