Monday, January 20, 2014

New address

Well, this week was pretty crazy!!!  I'm still trying to figure out where I am and who everybody is and what's going on exactly, but it has been a blast, and the best part is we already had a baptism:)  yup:)  her name is Isela, and she is from Peru, and the funny part about it is,  she thought she was a member before since she got baptized in 1993.  It turns out that she has no records or anything, so on paper she never got baptized, and we talked to President and everything and he said she needed to do it again.  Elder Ferrer said that it was a present for us, because she already knows everything and it was super easy for her to pass the interview.  
During the whole baptism service (which was secret because she didn't want the ward to know she wasn't really a member)  I was thinking about why she had to be baptized again, because obviously Heavenly Father knows everything and so I wondered why this couldn't all be worked out up there, but then it hit me.   Her sisters are inactive, and they were there, and the
Spirit was so strong.  I think that's the reason Heavenly Father let this happen. I really think it was so that her sisters would want to start coming back to the truth. It was really touching to be able to watch her be baptized, and she afterwards gave her sisters a huge hug and all three of them were bawling.  It was super neat.  
I know that this church is true, because I can feel the Spirit, and because it is so strong. That's why I am here in Spain for two years, with nothing except my scriptures and a suit.  Ok, I have a bit more than that, but still….  I left a ton of stuff and people back home that,  ya,  I miss them. but I am here now doing this work for a purpose and yesterday during the baptism it really hit me again exactly what that purpose was.
I love this gospel with all my heart. Thank you all for your support. It really means a lot to me.
Elder Dixon
here is the new address:
C/ Padilla 204 esc 3 atico 3
08013 Barcelona

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