Monday, September 14, 2015

It was a cold baptism :)

This week was really good, mainly because we had a baptism! It was incredible! The girls name is Andrea, and she actually contacted us in the street, saying she wanted to be a part of the church, and that she already believed in the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith and everything , so that was kinda a shock, but then she explained that her family in Murcia are members, and shed taken the lessons for a bit while she was there. So, we set a date with her, got her to church a few times, and she ended up announcing her baptism to everybody in the ward. She even got up on fast Sunday to bear her testimony, and she was so ready to be baptized, she didn't let anything get in her way, not even the fact that none of her family could make it. ( a neat little miracle side not is that her aunt and uncle from Murcia came up to support her as a surprise). Well, the funny part of the whole thing was that since satan couldn't stop her from coming to the church at the time to get baptized, he tried instead to make it so we couldn't fill the font. There's a door you have to open to turn on the water, and the night before we realized that our key couldn't open it. So then we asked bishop, and that's when he let us know that his key didn't work either. So, we went to the church at 10, to try and find a key that worked...but since we couldn't find one, bishop literally ended up just breaking the door down, popping off the hinges, and prying it open with a fork and spoon, all only about a hour before the baptism. But wait, it gets better. We then turn on the water, or at leashed tried to, but the water heaters wouldn't work, so bishop pulled those apart too, and in the process, one of them blew up in his face. It was kinda funny because he came stumbling out of the room followed by a big flame, and then he just looked at us and gave us a bow and a huge smile, and turned around and whent back to work. Fortunately he wasn't hurt at all, but the heater probably won't ever work again. So it was a cold baptism. But, with all of that, it was still absolute amazing. So many people showed up, and we had such a good sprint the whole time. It was incredible! Then, yesterday after church, we asked her how she felt, and she just couldn't say or do anything but smile. That's really what I like about being a missionary. The smiles I get to see when people come closer to God and Jesus Christ. It's been such a great week. I hope you all have a good one too.


Elder Dixon

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