Monday, September 8, 2014

Palma, zone conference, miracles...and PICTURES!!

September 8, 2014

This week was amazing!  So much crazy stuff happened, from going to Palma and the Zone Conference, to seeing miracles, and having the fiestas de Maó, it's been a really good week.  One of the miracles we saw here in Menorca was that Maca and her mother, Uriana came to church this week, for the first time since I have been here, and that was absolutely amazing!!  We had people to participate and everything!  They are both really less active and we have been visiting them a ton, and finally they came, and both gave beautiful testimonies as well.   The only bummer is the Clark's are in Barcelona to do piso inspections so they didn't get to hear them.  
Anyway, the miracle I really want to tell you about though is one that happened when I was working with Elder Dailey (my district leader) in Levante(Palma, Mallorca) while we were there for the conference  (we stayed two days, so we went on splits and worked the first night) anyway, we passed by an investigators house, but she didn't let us in, and wouldn't even talk to us through the timbre, so we left and passed by more people.  Well, later, we had to walk by again, and so we decided to try and find out if she wanted us to come by at a different time.  Well, Elder Dailey did a really good job of talking to her through the timbre (I was on the phone, so I missed his conversation) and we got in, and the following lesson we had was one of the most powerful I have ever been in.  As soon as we entered, she began to cry, because so much had been going on.  She has a handicapped daughter, and she and her husband are about to go through a divorce, and countless other things are going on, so she feels like she can't talk to anyone about anything, not even to Heavenly Father through prayer.  So we read a little bit of the Book of Mormon when the people of Alma are enslaved, and how they weren't allowed to pray, and then the Spirit just took over, and we  both felt impressed to promise her that if she were to read the Book of Mormon with the district, 2 chapters every day, then her whole situation would work out.  It was absolutely amazing, and at the end she was laughing and smiling, then crying from happiness and everything.  I really gained a huge testimony of both the power of the Book of Mormon, and of the promises we as missionaries can make.  And all this happened the day before the zone conference, where we talked about the exact same principle.  It was absolutely amazing to me to see and be a part of it.
That really was the highlight of the week.  We're also trying to avoid all the drunk people here because it's the biggest party of the year, with dancing horses and everything.  It's pretty crazy.
Thank you all so much!!
Elder Dixon
Photos are of Menorca and Elder Jonson is the comp.


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