Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Can you believe I've been on this island for almost 4 and a half months?!

September 17, 2014

So...this week was "una locura" (crazy)  so much happened!  The fiestas were all done and stuff, so that was good, they have cleaned up everything, and stuff.   So, Tuesday, we had a meeting for all the sisters in Europe, that we were in charge of setting up. It was broadcasted from Germany, and we weren't allowed to watch...but we couldn't leave either, and since they were using the computer we couldn't work that way...and oh, ya, there's no cell service in the church, and so we just sat and talked and played chess for two hours. Yup. Then we also went to the Nuñezes again to work on the truck, that was fun, and we found out later that night that one of our investigators was moving to England the next day...we got her new address, so more missionaries will be knocking on her door:) Then Friday we also taught institute, so that was fun, and I have learned a ton already from the manual we're using.  Then we also got to go teach a private English class to a members boyfriend, and so that was super fun, and then the crazy stuff really began.  So, Saturday was transfers, and Elder Jonson is now in Sabadell, by Barcelona.
Well, since there isn't anybody I could stay with on the island while he was traveling, I got to go to Barce again for a day!!! I got to see a ton of people and missionaries I know, and then I played guide for all the people who had no idea how to use the metros or get to the airport.  It was a blast!!  So, my new companion is Elder Lesueur, I don't know how to say it really it's like le sweer or something...idk.  Anyway, he's great.  He's from Arizona, and we get along well so far:) I'm super excited.  We are going to see so many miracles here!!!  Can you believe I've been on this island for almost 4 and a half months? Crazy!!  Also, we set a branch goal to have 30 people in church regularly by the end of October, so we're going to have to work super hard!!  It's gonna be a blast!!
Anyway, I hope you all had as good a week as I did!!
Love you!
Elder Dixon

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