Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 12 On The Island!

This week was pretty good. The work here is really slowing down with the summer, but that has been making it fun for us, because we have to try new things, so we have been visiting different places trying to do service, and we have been passing by or calling all of the old investigators, and stuff like that. Also, we have been going through the past 8 years of contacts the missionaries have made, and trying to contact them all. It's been crazy, but we have seen miracles happen! I know that if we work hard we can see results! It's just the waiting part that's rough.
This week also, Elder Ponce and I got a little sick, so that was kind of a bummer, but I was really impressed by how determined my companion is, even if it is almost to the point of stupidity.   He wouldn't go sleep, because he wanted to go work even though he felt like trash.  Haha, but I guess I'm the same because I didn't want to sleep either:) it kind of just attacked us. He got sick first one day, then the next I was out for the count as well. But, we are back up on our feet now so that's a good thing:) Oh...speaking of feet...I found a hole in my shoes!! Yay!!! Now I look like a real missionary, with shoes that I have worked in:) Haha, good thing it doesn't rain very much here:)
So, here's some tidbits of info about where I am now. On the island of Menorca are two major cities, Cituadella, and Mao. I'm in Mao, the bigger one, with Elder Ponce as my companion, and with Elder Neumiller as my district leader and his companion Elder Johnson, and we are part of the Baleares Zone, which includes all the islands, not just ours, so go to conferences we have to fly to Palma, the big island. So basically, I have half an island as my area:) The weather here is beautiful, but I'm told it will get really hot soon. It's super pretty here though. Tthe sky is so clear and blue, and  there isn't any pollution.
The branch here is really small, and actually most of the people are in primary, so that's kind of funny.  There are two families - with 3 kids each, and a few other members as well. But here is the crazy thing. Out of all the members in the branch, half are recent converts, within the last 6 months.  It's crazy!!!  It's super neat to see.  Apparently, when Elder Nuemiller got here 6 months ago there were only 7 people in church each week. Yesterday there were 25:)
That's pretty much the run down.
I hope you all have a great week. Always look for the miracles in your lives. They are EVERYWHERE!! All you have to do is look.  Then thank Heavenly Father for them. That's the most important part.
Stay Strong.
Love you all,
Elder Dixon

PS - Since I am on such a small island the mail system is terrible.  Please send all letters and packages to the mission home.  It will take longer to get to me - but at least I will get them :)

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