Monday, March 17, 2014

a week full of messes!

March 10, 2014

This week was a little bit better of a week than last, but still we hardly got out of piso, because, a) Elder West (my companion) was sick until Wednesday, and b) I got sick Friday and most of Saturday.  So, this week was a hard one again. We did contact a lot of people though, so that was good, and we went out and worked Wednesday a little and Thursday was a full normal day.  We saw a few big miracles too.  The one that effected me the most was when I was sick Friday, Elder West told me about something he had been prompted to study that morning, which was on adversity.  He explained that adversity comes to help us grow, and learn, and that sometime what happens to us is for a reason, even if we can´t see it yet.  Then he said that adversities such as sickness isn't our fault, and that it sometimes comes to help us be humble. When I heard and thought about that, I realized that I really did need to work on being humble enough to accept help, and accept that sometimes I am too weak to accomplish what needs to be done.
Friday morning, when I woke up, I wasn't feeling well and I was really warm, so I checked my temperature and saw I had a fever, but I didn't want to tell Elder West, and I was just going to go on with my day, but I wasn't able to especially since later that night when I checked my temperature again it was 100.1, so...ya.. I had to learn humility to consent to staying inside, even though I have had way too much time inside recently. But Elder West really helped me a lot to understand that.  He is a really great companion.  Even with us being sick, we still had good experiences and saw miracles.  I am almost all better now, fortunately but, still a little sniffly and I have a cough.
Other than that, though, this week was just full of messes.  First thing that happened....Elder McMahon put his hand through our kitchen window, which sprayed glass all over me and Elder West, and yes, all three of us got cut.  Elder West got the least of it, I got a big one on my arm, and on my neck, and a bunch of little speckles on my other arm (there were at least 25 little cuts) but Elder McMahon has cuts all over his first, right after he put his arm through we thought we were all safe, and it was kinda funny...then I looked down at my arm and saw a nice line of blood, then I looked at Elder McMahon and he was bleeding like we had a fun time cleaning that one up. No stitches or anything though, we are all good.   
Other than that, there was the pillow fight that we ripped the pillow....pooooofffff....foam was everywhere, and the birthday party for Elder Ferrer.....confetti was everywhere. So, all in all, a pretty good week:)
Love ya!   Thank you so much for your prayers and support:)
Elder Dixon


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