Thursday, September 12, 2013

First P day in Spain

Here is a rundown of my week
The plane ride to Madrid was insane, it took so long.   It was an 8 hour flight from Atlanta.  Then when we got to Madrid it was only 8 in the morning, so we weren't allowed to sleep till 10:30 pm, but they put us through about 6 hours of meetings, so we were all falling asleep anyway.  It was way bad.   
My companion is Elder Roberts, and he is super cool.  Since then I have gotten to know my district...all 8 of us.   There are actually only 38 missionaries here in the MTC.  My schedule has been pretty much wake up, eat, learn Spanish, teach an investigator, played by our teacher and based on a real person, then learn more Spanish, eat again, learn more, maybe some gospel study, then eat and sleep.  Some changes however include going to Retiro Park on Saturday and contacting as many people as we could....after only 3 days of Spanish.  It was so cool though.  I could actually understand a lot of what people were saying, and I have never really had any Spanish training before!  Other than that, we also get to do a session in the Madrid temple every Thursday.   We also get to go to some soccer fields and basketball courts, actually they are one and the same... the soccer fields are cement here.  It's still a ton of fun though.  
I have really been having an awesome time.  The food is good and I have made lots of friends.  
Here's some cool stuff about the MTC.  It's on temple square, all I have to do is look out my window and I can see it.  We are in a 6 floor building, but we only have access to the top three...because the temple workers and presidency live downstairs, and the stake center is right next to us.  The 4th floor is where classes are, the 5th is our rooms, and the 6th is the cafeteria.  The three kingdoms of glory, actually...that's what President Sitterud said (he is the MTC president).
The soccer field we go to is due east of the temple in a little park, and it's an arena of sorts, it's really cool.  One side note - there is graffiti everywhere, except on the temple gates.  That's the only place I haven't seen it.  Also, there are elders from 9 different countries here.  Some of my favorites to be with are the ones from Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Tahitian French ones.  They are hilarious!.... oh ya, and pranks are very prevalent here.....and considering my rooms door is the only one that doesn't's been interesting :) it's ok though, I've been able to retaliate just fine :)
K, last thing cause I'm almost out of time.   We got 11 new elders today, just barely, and now my district has 10 people, including two sisters, and I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Love.  I still haven't met him though, so I can't tell you anything yet.  O well.
 Until next week!!
I love you all,
Elder Dixon

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